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kids rider

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. TAKE THE CONROL: Talking control to the next level, the tygatec bumper  car comes  with a digital remote control system , allowing operators to easily manage and direct the car’s movements, ensuring a smooth and engaging ride for all participants.

.  360 FUN AWAITS : Safety is paramount , buckle up with intergreated seatbelts in tygatec’s 360 spining bumper cars, providing a secure and exihilarating experience for all ages.

. CRASH WITHOUT CARING: The tygatic bumper car is designed with durable PVC crash strips, strategically placed around the car’s body these strips offer both protection and a thrilling element as they absorb impact during collisions , enhancing the fun and safety of the ride .

. FUN FLASHING LIGHTS: The tygatec bumper car features vibrant LED flashing lights that add an exciting visual  element to the ride, enhancing  the overall experience with their dynamic patterns and colors.

. PREMIMUM SAFETY: Enhancing safety is a priority with the tygatic bumper car’s  equipped with secure seatbelts  that keep riders firmly strapped in minimizing the risk of injury and allowing  for worry- free enjoyment.


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