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child tricycle

It is designed with a retro look, and very low center of gravity makes it easy to ride and perfect for young riders.
This kids tricycle looks stylish in the vibrant colours and is truly lovable.
The seating is comfier and your child can enjoy ride for a long time without getting tired
The baby tricycle is equipped with storage basket both at the end as well as at the back to keep child’s essentials
This children tricycle bike comes ready to be assembled, has a limited lifetime warranty, and is recommended for children, ages 2 to 5 years old

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Easy to install as almost all the parts come pre-assembled and would not require much time as all the parts are Smart Plug and Play based.
The most important part, the SEAT BELT which comes as standard in all our Tricycles. Secondly, the Tricycle is based on (ZED) ZERO EDGE DESIGN PLATFORM
Keep stuff for kids, be it sipper, stuff toys, mobile phones etc
The Footrest is both Fold-able and Rotate-able which can be adjusted as per the need
to Not just Parents, now even Elder Siblings can manoeuvre the Tricycle.


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